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Client's Location

Louisiana, USA


Design, Development, QA


On-demand Delivery App

Development Time

3 months

Target Users

Louisiana Locals

Uber gas delivery service app

How Did the Client Approach Us?

Michael Vallery - the client is based in Louisiana, USA. He knew he wanted to launch a gas & fuel delivery application; but had no idea where to start from.

He had approached multiple companies to build his app. After an in-depth comparison of work quality, timeline, cost estimate, etc., we are so glad he chose us! He also added that he chose us because he got the most ‘positive vibes’ after communicating with our team.

Client’s Two-fold Aim to Start Uber Like Gas Delivery Service App


To make fuel service available at the fingertip!


To grow in the fuel delivery industry associated with quality and trust.

Problem Statement

The problem was the inconvenience and unavailability of time to visit the gas station or wait in long queues. Michael saw an opportunity to make this problem a new business base.

The Solution

The client saw it as a need of the hour to digitize the fuel delivery system. Not only this, but the client also brainstormed several functionalities with us to add to the platform.
Fuel App User panel

Essentials - How Does On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Work?

  • The platform takes up to 20 requests in 2.5 hours slots.
  • Handles fluid needs of various people - caters to parents, commercial fleets, and car dealerships.
  • The subscription plan allows users to add 2 vehicles & get basic services for nodded costs like tire pressure checkups.
  • Customer users can schedule the fuel fill-up for later.
  • The payment is auto-deducted from the customer’s account after the fuel fill-up is completed.

Stunning Features of the Digital Deliverables

Admin Web Panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Driver/Employee Management
  • Order Management
  • Service Management
  • Membership Management
  • Payment Management
  • Reports
  • Notifications
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Customer App (iOS & Android)

  • Splash Screen
  • Signup Screen
  • Authentication
  • Sign In
  • Book Service
  • Chat
  • My order
  • Notifications
  • My Account
  • Membership plan
  • Change Password
  • Settings
  • Logout

Driver App (iOS & Android)

  • Splash Screen
  • Sign Up
  • Verification
  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • View list of job requests
  • Chat- Past chat history
  • My order (Upcoming, In-progress & Completed)
  • Notification
  • My Account

Project Process Trail


  • Fixating Business Platform
  • Creating USPs
  • Understanding User Flows


  • Tech stack selection
  • API integrations
  • Phase-wise coding

Quality Analysis

  • Scenario-based testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Roll out!


  • Quality analysis
  • Approval from client
  • Google Play Store & App Store submission

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Extra Set of Efforts to Make this Project a Success!

  • The super admin can add more geographical locations where he avails of the service using the admin panel. We made the process very easy for the client.
  • We put up our best show of integrating the functionalities that the client wanted us to add. From premium subscription to the booking process - we proved that his decision to choose us was RIGHT!
  • Like any other delivery app, customers can do real-time fuel delivery tracking to know the order status.
  • With the integration of automated fuel delivery management in the app, the service provider always makes the customer’s vehicle tank full.
  • The admin can view the fuel delivery analytics and report in the dashboard of his panel.

Technology Stack

technology stack

Colors & Typography

fuel delivery uiux design

Explore the Smooth App Experience Via These Screenshots

fuel delivery app development company

Challenges & Solutions

Mechanism of 8 Free Services in a Month

Solution - This order management functionality was difficult to implement. We solved and verified that our algorithm was working by trying multiple scenarios.

Expandible Coordinates & Geographical Area

Solution - We made the admin panel user-friendly. This aids the admin in adding geographical coordinates where the services have been made available.

Precious Words by a Delighted Client

The aPurple developers were also very active with every build and update in the course of development. They made the working model as per my available hours which were pretty odd as per their location, but they still made it! Super grateful they brought my dream project into reality!

- Michael Vallery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some advanced features that the developers at aPurple can help you add are:
  • Drivers can be notified for the fuel delivery for nearby locations according to their current location.
  • Customer can add parking notes.
  • Promo code or membership can help the business grow and can help customer in payment.
  • Customer should be notified as soon as the driver completes the delivery, the confirmation of the same should go to customer.
The selection of the tech stack can only be made after the features and functionalities have been decided. Whether or not you understand technologies, the expert developers at aPurple help you make such important decisions.
Depending on the complexity of features, a basic fuel delivery app can be built within 3 months, and one with advanced features might take up to 5 months.
The cost of basic on-demand fuel delivery app development costs around $20,000 to $30,000, and $32000 - $40000 for advanced.
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