Uber Health App: How It Helps Riders, Drivers, and Healthcare

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In the age where we think we have triumphed in the health sector, there is still one thing that stands between doctors and patients: Transportation barriers in the healthcare sector. Thousands of papers have been written about it to date. Millions of patients fail to attend their medical appointments. There was a need for a solution, which has arrived as the Uber Health App.

What is it? And how does it deal with this big transportation issue before healthcare access? We’ll know all about Uberhealth in this article.

Uber Health – Meaning & Statistics?

It’s time to answer your question, “What is Uber Healthcare?”

Promoting flow in the healthcare industry aims to make humankind lead a better life. And although we have increased the average life expectancy, which has grown tremendously in the past century, another problem remains.

Patients often need several meetings when a disease occurs to get a complete treatment done. But after a few appointments, only some of these show up. They miss appointments due to many reasons. One big reason is the lack of transportation at the appointment time. This missed appointment prolongs the treatment process. With time, the mild disease becomes chronic.


  • According to one survey, the missed appointment rate ranges between 10-50% globally with 27% in North America.
  • More than 3.5 million Americans specifically delay their doctor’s appointments due to a lack of transportation facilities.

Most doctors say that these missed appointments lead to incomplete treatments. Consequently, it impacts both patients and doctors:

  • These incomplete treatments spoil the reputation of doctors as they fail to treat the condition.
  • For patients, mild sickness becomes a chronic disease due to prolonged treatment.
  • Doctors’ credibility is at risk.

Uber understood this big barrier before the medical sector. To deal with this issue, it has developed a transportation setup called Uberhealth. Uber Health app works on creating a transportation bridge between doctors and patients. Uber medical care, at its core, is a patient pick up service. But why can’t we use the regular Uber app for this? We’ll explain it in detail later on.

However, many other players are also rising to solve this issue. This problem has a huge business potential that startups are trying to capitalize on using the easy clone app development. It is great for startups because of the limited funding. So, how does Uber solve the transportation problem for medical appointments?

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How Does Uber Health Work?

When it comes to healthcare, the number of senior citizens taking medical treatment is much higher than that of adults. And there are two big reasons why the aged population misses more medical appointments:

  • Failure to get transportation on time.
  • Finding it hard to use the technology.

Uber Health app solves these issues: It lets doctors or medical institutions book cabs or transportation for their patients; it helps patients complete their treatment and not miss any appointments. The best part about this is that the patients do not need to pay for this Uber medical transportation. Doctors schedule the ride for their patients and pay for them.

Who pays for Uber Health?
Patients do not pay for their Uber medical rides.

To understand how it works, we need to look at some of the features of this app and what makes it different from regular Uber rides.

Features Of Uberhealth App

The business structure of Uber for healthcare is a little different. We must look at some of its features to understand how Uber Health functions.

  • The app allows doctors and medical institutions to schedule patient appointments.
  • Patients do not pay for Uberhealth rides. The patient pick-up service is handled and paid for by doctors.
  • It helps medical institutions schedule rides for all future appointments in advance (up to 30 days).
  • Rides for caregivers can also be scheduled to help patients get the proper care.
  • Patients do not have to install Uber’s medical-care app on their phones. They can reach the hospital even if they don’t have a smartphone. Uber notifies patients using either SMS or a simple call
  • Uber signs a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with willing healthcare providers to handle the legal matters.
  • The bills are paid monthly. This takes away the hassle of paying every time an appointment is scheduled.
  • Uber does not store the sensitive data of patients. This complies with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which protects the patients’ sensitive data from being disclosed.

But why can’t you book or schedule a ride with your doctor using the regular Uber app?
“Uber’s healthcare app is not an emergency healthcare provider like ambulances and paramedics.”

Regular Uber Rides V/S Uber Health Rides – How is Uber Health Different From Uber?

Many Google searches are done to answer this query – ‘Is Uber Health a separate app?’

Can we not book regular Uber for medical appointments? In one scenario, we can easily book our medical rides through the regular Uber app. But there are a few issues that people might face and a few benefits they might miss.

One big issue is the immediate availability. When you try to book a ride using the normal app, you may only sometimes find riders nearby. This may lead to missed appointments. Consequently, the treatment might get halted, and the disease might get prolonged.

Another issue is that not all know how to use technology to book rides within a few clicks. Many people, usually seniors, find it hard to operate phones and applications. Many have grown up in an era where there were no phones. Due to this, many older people shun using smartphones.

Uberhealth sets patients tension-free. As a patient, you need to do nothing but be available at the time of your ride and the scheduled place. You get notified about your ride either on the call or by a simple SMS. The medical institution takes all the worry of handling Uber medical transportation.

But is Uber providing medical transportation in every country?

Countries Where Uber Health Is Working

Unlike the regular Uber app, Uber’s Healthcare app works in selected countries. To date, it is functional in the states across the US. Apart from the US, it has also recently expanded its business in Australia. This patient pick-up and transport service have shown tremendous response in its beta-testing phase.

Currently, Uber operates in over 71 countries and over 10,000 cities. It is the largest ride-sharing company in the world, with a good network. We may see it expanding its business to many more countries shortly. The main issue is conforming to the national healthcare laws and forming a contract with the medical care providers. So, in case this app works in your city, how can you use it?

How To Use The Uber Health App?

You must first know that this app is not for patients. They can sit tension-free at their homes and wait for their rides.

Now, for healthcare providers, the process is really simple.

  • It starts with a simple registration. The registration-verification-activation process takes around 5 business days. It is done via Uber’s online Uber For Business online self-service portal.
  • Once activated, the ride-scheduling portal can be used for caregivers, patients, staff, etc.
  • The person in charge accesses the online portal for Uberhealth login.
  • Rides are then scheduled using a centralized online dashboard in the online portal. Here are the required details that should be filled in:
  • Name of the Patient.
  • Phone number (to inform the patients about their scheduled rides.)
  • Pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Preferred Vehicle.
  • Uber will then inform the rider about the ride. Messages will be sent twice: when the ride is scheduled (with time and location) and when the driver is en route to the pick-up location. In case the person has a smartphone, the ride can be tracked. Otherwise, the driver will place a call to the patient on the phone number provided.
  • The patient enters the vehicle and reaches the medical facility for their appointment without paying for the ride.

The process is really simple and saves the healthcare sector billions of dollars.

Benefits of Using Uberhealth Transport – For Riders, Drivers, and Doctors


The beta-testing phase for healthcare has led to convincing results. People’s lives have improved, and the healthcare sector has saved billions of money due to missed appointments. To understand why Uber’s health app is great for the medical world, we need to understand its benefits.

Benefits For The Doctors And Healthcare

According to a study missed appointments caused a 16-54% operating loss for medical insurance. Above it, doctors lose around $200 for each empty slot due to missed appointments. Scheduling appointments using Uber medical transportation gives these many benefits to doctors and the healthcare industry:

  • It saves the loss of revenue for the physicians due to missed appointments.
  • Complete treatment helps doctors record what works and what doesn’t.
  • It improves doctors or medical facilities’ image that gets defiled due to improper and incomplete treatment.
  • It helps balance staff and thus saves unnecessary staffing expenses.

The only requirement for doctors to use this technology is that they must be legally licensed to work.

Benefits For The Drivers

Only some people can work as a driver for Uber medical transportation. When it comes to Uber Health, driver requirements must be fulfilled before working. One must fulfill these certain requirements in the checklist. For this, the driver

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Should have at least 3 years of driving experience and a clean driving record.
  • Must have a valid driving license.
  • Must have valid auto insurance and has to pass the Uber background check.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, the driver can take these rides.

As a driver, if you want to work for Uberhealth, you should get notified about these rides. To get notified of your Uber medical rides, you have to open the Uber driver app and tell it that you are available for these medical rides.

When it comes to benefits, the driver has many benefits. One benefit for drivers taking medical Uber rides is that they get an extra source of income. There are cities where there need to be more regular rides to get dependent upon completely. Apart from that, you can choose in advance if you want the rides and estimate your work and income flow.

Benefits For The Patients/Riders

For patients, the benefits of Uber Health rides are simple:

  • They attend their appointments. Consequently, they get the complete treatment done.
  • They get their appointment scheduled by doctors. It is hassle-free. Furthermore, they do not have to pay for these rides.

How Much do Apps like Uber Health Cost & How to Create One?

When the question is about the cost of rides, these rides are similar to the regular ones. You choose the type of vehicle, and you pay accordingly.

When it comes to the development cost of apps like the Uber Health app, there are two options:

  • You can hire a developer who knows how to create an app like Uber. Be clear while elaborating on your idea of how you want to get the app to be developed. Depending upon the developer’s experience and complexities, it might cost you anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 USD.
  • Another option is to get the app cloned. It is quick & easy and saves you thousands of dollars.
Planning to build an app like Uber Health?

The Future of Healthcare Transportation and Technology

The problem in the healthcare sector regarding transportation barriers is real. It loses around $150 billion due to missed appointments in many ways. Above all, the loss of life is irreplaceable. Uber saw the problem and thus came up with a solution. However, you can compete with Uber and stop it from becoming a monopoly.

Because Uber only works in some countries, startups have come up lately to capitalize on the market gap. aPurple has helped many startups get their apps developed around their business ideas. Our immense experience and innovative approach in developing web and mobile apps like Uber, Udemy, etc. have helped many companies leverage the sharp rise in their revenue.


1. How do Uber drivers afford health insurance?

Uber does not offer health insurance to drivers. However, it has teamed up with the US Health Department to offer an affordable insurance plan. Check out Uber Stride health for more information on this.

2. Is Uber Health a good idea?

Uber’s healthcare application is an innovative solution to the missed appointments problem due to transportation barriers. Its beta testing has helped thousands, and the results are promising.

3. How much does Uber Health app development cost?

Apps like Uber Health can cost around 20,000 to 40,000 USD. However, it varies depending on the per-hour cost and complexities involved. Clone app development is its cheaper and preferred alternative.

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