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Driving round the clock– is the mantra of Trucker Path.

The trucker app is a companion for truckers to help, find and update the real-time status, available parking, rest areas, truck stops, open/closed weigh stations, etc.

It helps drivers avoid unproductive stops, reducing frustration and sleep deprivation.

This has led to the success of logistics businesses. Therefore, creating an app like Uber for trucks clone has emerged in the world of digitization.

So, if you want to develop an app like Trucker Path, you have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss how the Trucker Path app works, its features and how it benefits the users and the drivers.

Before that, let us first understand what is the need to develop a trucking mobile application.

Is the Trucker Path App Need of an Hour- Why?

Trucker Path mobile app revenue in mid 2022 was $1m with total downloads of 40k. Today, its downloads have surpassed 1 million.

Even in this age of digitization, few industries are still struggling to understand the need for trucking software. This software would really be of great help in solving all the problems that occur while managing the operations.

Remember, in the olden days, how cluttered the logistics business was? It took a lot of time, effort, calls, and emails to arrange a single trucking shipment to deliver. But today, mobile apps like Trucker Path and Freight management system have helped ease the paperwork and redundancy of the entire process and enhance the logistics companies’ productivity.

So how to create an app like Trucker Path? Let’s follow the below steps.

Steps to Build Trucker Path App For Drivers

steps to create trucker path

Learning the steps to create an app like Trucker Path is crucial as it helps determine the success ratio of running an app. Going forward, we will learn the steps to follow while making a navigation app for truckers.

Conducting profound research to build a trucker path online and understand the market is essential.

Create an Idea

Before you proceed directly with the development phase, you must create a business model or an action plan. Prepare a roadmap or e-document to gather all the information and have a clear perspective of the goal behind developing an app.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is the motive behind developing a navigation app?
  • Is the trucking business a profit-making venture?
  • Do you have an app clone of the best navigation app?
  • What is the cost structure of trucking app development?
  • How will drivers and customers benefit from apps like trucker path eld pro?

After you have all the answers, move on to the next step of the app development process.

Research and Features to Incorporate

To incorporate an eld pro app in your trucking application, you must research the market and other competitors extensively. It helps to stay a step ahead and create something new and unique.

Determine the target audience, locations you will provide service, types of vehicles that truckers will use, etc. Coming to the features, check out the other apps for trucking and add new features that can help the users and drivers, which will attract them to download your app.

Find App Development Company

Finding the right app developers is half the work done. You must choose proficient developers who understand your business requirements and submit deliverables on time. Developers are the best support when selecting the application type, and they will assist you with the best for truckers. There are two types of apps:

  • One where you need an app to streamline the business operations with the fleet of trucks.
  • The second app is where you want to connect with the carriers and shippers.

Once the idea is validated and approved, the next step is creating an MVP.

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MVP Development

It is a prototype of the product to be launched with basic features. The seamless and hassle-free booking process is what people need. The USP of the app depends on the features that you have integrated.

You can receive the right feedback from users and make the final changes to your application.

There is a list of trucking apps for already established businesses in this industry. Let’s head on to the features of one of those popular navigation apps like the trucking path app for Android or iPhone. We have three apps incorporated for the better usage and experience of the trucking business.

Develop your own Trucker Path app today and streamline logistics for truckers!

Discover Features of Trucker Path App

Drivers have a common question- “What is the best GPS app for truckers?”

The importance of GPS is emerging today, and for truck drivers, trucker path GPS is necessary to reach the destination in time. Similarly, trucker parking, and truck stop places, are other features that provide a seamless approach to the users and drivers.

For Drivers

app features for drivers

  • Login and Registration

There are multiple options to register yourself as a driver. You can either create an account or choose any social media option to log in to the application. Making the login process simple helps the drivers to log in quickly.

  • Shipment Info

The trucker path load board is visible with the shipment loading details such as vehicle type, the weight of the goods, fragile goods, dimensions, pick and drop-off location, date and delivery time, etc.

  • Filtering Goods

Sorting all the shipment details is vital for any driver to perform the task successfully. With this feature, the drivers can filter the type of cargo, date, pick-up, drop-off location, and much more.

  • Cancellation

In case of any emergency, drivers can cancel the shipment.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS helps track the real-time route, accidents on the route, or any traffic.

  • Delivery Proof

The user can take a picture after receiving the shipment and upload it on the portal as delivery proof.

For Users

  • Registration

Like driver apps, even users have the same procedure to register/log in with email or social media credentials.

  • Fleet of Vehicles

The app provides users with a list of vehicles available nearby to pick up and start the delivery.

  • Booking Details

You must allow users the flexibility to book beforehand, which will help them book the shipment schedule and take an instant booking.

  • Notifications

Reminder alerts to notify the users about the pickup time and delivery deadline.

  • Payment Options

The app offers multiple payment options like e-wallets, credit/debit card payments, and cash payments.

  • Rating and Feedback

The users can rate the carrier as per their experience. Rating helps improve all the carriers’ performance and gives users a satisfactory level of service.

  • Vehicle Tracking

The users can track all their vehicles running on the roads for delivery. Also, every moment from the point of pickup until the shipment’s delivery is tracked.

For Admin

  • Dashboard

The dashboard is the screen that displays all the information about the shippers, customers, payments, pending orders, delays in delivery, and tracking path. This streamlines the operations of the trucker path.

  • Track Truckers

This feature allows tracking the exact location of the truck driver. The admin can track the products of the shipment, delivery time estimated by the driver, and much more.

  • Payment Management

Manage the bills easily by approving bills and invoices sent by the carriers. In case of any change in the shipment location or number of items, everything is updated quickly.

  • Alerts

Administration can get any notification regarding the delivery, driver location, emergencies, accidents, change of routes, etc.

Apart from these features that distinguish among the panels, the trucker path app has created the future of trucking with the following four new services.

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Future of Trucking Business

Trucker Path

The trucker path pro app has this new feature where millions of truckers in the USA use the app to find the closest truck parking or truck stop, fuel stop, truck-safety route, etc. Follow the stats of the trucker path app below.
trucker path app history

Trucker Path Dispatch

This app helps handle the back-office work and get you more revenue on hauling loads so truckers can concentrate on driving—the back-office works on load sourcing and price negotiation. Drivers enjoy the safest and quickest drive routes sent to their app directly.

With the integration of trucking dispatch software , dispatchers handle the status calls with real-time reporting without interrupting the drivers. With quick and easy scanning of documents, the dispatcher can swiftly process the payments, keep everything organized and monitor compliance.

Truck Loads

Trucking path weigh stations or truck loads help carriers and owners move freight via mobile applications. Carriers and brokers can match the working process through an app and carry loads like other freight companies

Trucker Path Command

If your company cares about drivers with trucking information, dispatching, and navigation, the enterprise application built on the top of the truckers driver app will surprise you.

If you are satisfied with the process of creating an app like trucker path and its features, you must be wondering about the cost of developing a similar application.

Let’s discuss!

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How Much Does a Trucker Path Cost?

Any development process is complex; it is not simple as it sounds. It is hard to determine the exact cost of the app development. Cloning applications or developing an app from scratch have two different price ranges.

Developing an app from scratch will include the below factors:

  • UI/UX Design
  • The complexity of the app
  • Admin/ Users/ Drivers Panel
  • Development company location

And, if you are looking for truck clone app solutions to save time and cost, aPurple has the best solution for your trucking/ logistics needs.

Do You Want to Start a Trucking Business?

With the above features for each panel, you can develop an on-demand solution for your trucking company. Trucker Path is one of the top trucking industry companies with unique features for users and drivers. Such apps have a great value today, and it helps make money.

We are the best company that can help you with the clone solution of Trucker Path. The proficient team of developers will ensure to deliver the app to make your transportation business easy and successful.


What does the trucker path do?

The trucker path app is best for drivers who are willing to earn extra money and trucker path helps to manage routes, destinations, GPS tracking, fuel stations, available parking, and trip planning.

Is the trucker path app free?

The trucker tools are free to use. The users who need trucking services can use trucker paths for free and pay only for the charges. Although the ELD device is not for free and charges a subscription fee per month.

What is the best app for truck routes?

There are multiple apps in this industry that offer logistics services to common people and commercial needs. Trucking companies like trucker paths are developed to ease the transferring of goods from one place to another and also for the drivers as they give a better way through mobile app solutions and manage the operations seamlessly.

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