Why is HungerStation the Most Popular Grocery and Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia?

grocery and food delivery app in saudi arabia

Salam Alaykum is probably the best way to begin this blog! Yes, we are talking about Saudi Arabia! A Middle-East country full of culture and religion, yet digitalization made its way through! In the COVID-19 pandemic, one grocery and food delivery app in Saudi Arabia gained immense momentum!

But how? Social distancing and restrictions compelled people to depend on online home delivery services. It was the need of the hour then. And today, it has become a comfortable habit.

Statistically speaking, the online delivery demand for food will reach 15.9 million users by 2026 in Saudi Arabia.

There is one online grocery and food delivery application that everyone is familiar with within Saudi Arabia. And everyone means the age groups from kids to the elderly. It is the HungerStationone of the top home grocery delivery apps in Saudi Arabia!

Let us first give you an insight into the HungerStation application.

What is SOOO GOOD About the HungerStation?

Founded in March 2012, HungerStation is synonymous with success in Saudi Arabia’s grocery and food delivery segment.

This country’s food is not only a source of nutrition but also an expression of cultural identity. In fact, the residents strongly believe in enjoying their life. Hence, the mantra to shop, eat, & pray is what they follow religiously.

Now, let’s explore the different aspects of the Saudi food delivery app development in more detail.

What are the Highlights of the Working of HungerStation?

Your UVP, i.e., the Unique Value Proposition of launching an on-demand food delivery service platform, should be something peculiar.

Satisfying more users’ needs = Earning higher revenues

After Google Maps, if there is an app most frequently used, it is the HungerStation food delivery in Saudi Arabia. Well, why not? This app is a one-stop solution for food, flowers, groceries, cosmetics, pharmacies, and whatnot!

saudi arabia food delivery industry stats

NOTE – In the above image, CAGR stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate and ARPU stands for Average Revenue Per Unit.

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Following are some highlights of the HungerStation working model:

  • There has to be a minimum order value for every order. They serve the customers almost round the clock, from 8 am to 2 am. Users can place orders for that moment itself or schedule in advance for later.
  • After deploying a multi-restaurant food and grocery delivery app, you would want to capture a more extensive user base. You must focus on the mobile-friendly website along with the mobile app.
  • The strength of HungerStation is that it delivers food and items of groceries, cosmetics, and personal hygiene. The added line of products also enables them to cater to more users’ needs. Therefore, it is the best grocery and food delivery app in Saudi Arabia.
  • There are 20k+ product lines registered on the app for sale. This means there are things for EVERYONE!

Your business model for a grocery delivery app like HungerStation can take inspiration from this one.

REMEMBER! – If you meet the consumer’s demands, you can easily become their favorite. Our experience and skills will help you build a clone app of Hungerstation food delivery app in Saudi Arabia!

Let’s build a project together!

How Does HungerStation Earn Revenues? – Sneak Peek Into the Revenue Model of Grocery and Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia!

Here’s a brain-scratching question!

Delivery fees straight away go to the delivery boy’s pocket, i.e., the third party.
The order’s bill value is the revenue of the registered seller or restaurant.
Then how does HungerStation, a food delivery service of Saudi Arabia, as a platform, earn?

This brings us to the point of revealing the revenue model of HungerStation in Saudi Arabia.

Well, as a platform fee, HungerStation charges between 5% to 25%. They decide this as per the restaurant’s/seller’s business scale and services.

You can also implement a similar revenue model for your home delivery app in Saudi Arabia.

What are the Laws That can Affect Your Grocery and Food Delivery App Business in Saudi Arabia?

As of now, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. Although women hold an elevated image within the family structure, they have only recently been permitted to drive. Saudi customs did not encourage women to be independent until a few years ago. In the back office of HungerStation, around 37% of the total employees are females. The rest are males. Women have made it to the car’s driver seats. Yet it is a long journey before working in delivery departments.

Saudi Arabia has a vibrant food culture. Locals prefer to eat non-vegetarian meals at least once a day. So, as a food aggregator model app and website, welcome non-vegetarian restaurants to register on your platform with open arms.

Despite the strict laws HungerStation has to adhere to, it is a top grocery and food delivery app in Saudi Arabia.


The cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Manama have the top food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia (like HungerStation) banners all around the public places.

Grocery & Food Delivery App in Saudi Arabia – API

Integrating Application Programming Interface (API) within the grocery and food delivery app helps in discovering the details about:

  • Order updates
  • Availability of riders
  • Inventory management
  • Restaurants’ opening or closing time
  • A number of times an item was ordered in the past hours, etc.

Why Buy and Integrate API?

There are three main benefits to buying and equipping APIs confined to Saudi Arabia:

1. Efficiency – The required Integration support can help automate the order allocation and sorting.

2. Reliability – If programmed accurately, then the API does not collapse. This means it is 99.99% accurate and works just fine.

3. Ease-of-Use – You can quickly manage the order delays and status with the APIs, easing down the manual load.

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What are the Basic Panels of the HungerStation Home Delivery App?

The on-demand grocery and food delivery mobile app should work on the three panels:

1. Consumers’ App – The end-users use this app to view the latest deals, offers, and benefit from the coupons for food, cosmetics, flowers, and grocery, and place orders.

2. Delivery App – The third-party delivery person gets notified to accept or decline the order’s delivery. The store details, bill, and consumer’s address are displayed in the app.

3. Admin App – This app controls grocery orders & restaurants, accepts or declines orders, updates the inventory on their recent listings, and changes prices.

hungerstation app users

Foraying Into The Grocery & Food Delivery App’s Must-Have Features – HungerStation Clone

Features make or break an application. Ensure to add intriguing features in your grocery and food delivery app in Saudi Arabia.

In the table below, we have mentioned a few ice-breaking features that your dream mobile application project should include. Hire food delivery app developers from aPurple for a better insight into features.

Here you go!

Consumers’ Panel Delivery Panel Admin Panel
Push Notifications Real-Time GPS Order Tracking Dashboard
Cashback & Discounts Rating & Reviews Menu Management
Real-Time GPS Order Tracking Time Duration (Target) Manage & Track Payments
Quick Payment Gateway Location Address Payment History
Social Media Sharing Acceptance Percentage Multi-Level Admin Access
Rating & Reviews Multiple Deliveries Post Dish Images
Easy Order Placing Delivery Rating Discounts & Offers

Seamless Process – Working of an Online Food Delivery Apps in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Manama, etc.

When it comes to the items ordered from the ‘Quick Delivery’ section, the app claims to deliver within 25 minutes. The other item deliveries follow the same process, but the time limit may differ as preparation is added here.

hungerstation order workflow

The image above shows the stepwise distribution of roles in the best online grocery and food delivery in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and other cities.

How to Beat HungerStation App in the Home Delivery Process? [4 SECRETS Revealed!]

In the entire blog, we scrutinized everything about HungerStation and why it is the best app to clone. But, the essence and your takeaway from this blog would be its loopholes, how you can overcome those in your clone app. This section will help you in taking over the grocery and food delivery market in Saudi Arabia.

hire food delivery app developers
1. Timings

Food and dessert cravings don’t really have a specific hour to come. They just arrive out of nowhere! For instance, you suddenly feel like having ice cream at 3:37 AM in the night! If there is delivery available, the user is going to place an order without thinking further. Hence, if your home delivery service is available in odd hours, you get a +1 over your competitor. As mentioned earlier in this blog, HungerStation services are available only between 8 am and 2 am, you can fulfill this 6-hour gap in the night and early morning.

2. Sehri

Additionally, you can capture a significant share of the morning meals during the month of Ramadan. This one month of surged revenue can help you a great deal in your annual CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). Since none of your competitors would provide services before sunrise, people will order using your app or website.

3. Iftar

People are tangled in work and barely get time to cook during the month of Ramadan. Although the official work hours are reduced to six each day, people would like to try ordering their favorite cuisines in the evening iftar. Also, imagine the blessings you would get when they all thank Allah for the on-time food delivery!

4. Hajj

Saudis are not only obligated but are also obliged to go to the Hajj at least once in their lifetime. This pilgrim visit is no less than a blessing. Hence, in the haste of preparing and packing for the long visit, they can stay rest assured about the meals they would have to pack. So, you can have a section of light meals in your app which have a long shelter life. It can comprise dates, juices, nuts, and any other items they want to be customized. Hence, the public will know which pack to order according to the number of people traveling together.

What is the Cost to Clone a HungerStation App?

Let’s discuss the on-demand grocery delivery app development cost. It should be somewhere between $20000 and $60000 to build your food delivery services app, entirely depending on the app’s features, functionality, and complexity. Hire grocery delivery app developers to launch your app within a couple of weeks!

At Last, How Can aPurple Help You?

aPurple is an esteemed online grocery and food delivery app development company, known for its complete clone solutions. We can vouch for our industry-best support in the white label HungerStation clone script solution not only in Saudi Arabia but in any part of the world!

Our readymade app solution will help you quickly create your brand in the food industry. Whether it is mobile app development or custom website development for your grocery and food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, contact aPurple for assistance today!

Let your customers enjoy uninterrupted home delivery!

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FAQs about Grocery & Food Delivery App Development in Saudi Arabia

Q – Is a grocery delivery business profitable?

Yes, absolutely! A delivery business has multiple revenue sources, including commissions, subscription fees, delivery charges, etc. If you want to start a delivery business, contact aPurple experts, and they will make it easy for you!

Q – Are food delivery apps profitable?

Food delivery apps are profitable. Ensure to select the best on-demand food delivery business model to base your app on. Both models have pros and cons, and your profit ultimately depends on how well you execute the model and tackle all the difficulties.

Q – How many food delivery apps are there in Saudi Arabia?

There are about 20 food delivery apps in Saudi Arabia, yet the grocery and food home delivery segments have the scope of more competition. Hence, it would still be good to start your food delivery app development to launch in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, etc.

Q – What is the revenue model of Instacart?

The Instacart revenue model comprises many sources of income – markup prices, partner payments, registration fee, delivery fee, placement fee, etc.; your delivery platform can create a revenue model from scratch or clone their revenue model.

Q – How do I promote my grocery delivery business?

There are many methods to promote your grocery delivery business. From newspaper ads to public banners, from events to newsletters, and social media promotion can help you create the buzz.

Q – How do I set up an online grocery delivery?

Instead of setting up an online grocery delivery business platform (app or website) from scratch, you can choose to clone HungerStation, Talabat, or Instacart. Contact aPurple for a grocery delivery clone in Saudi Arabia or other regions for a quick solution.

Q – What one feature would make a food delivery app stand out?

Availability in odd hours like after midnight and before sunrise would be a great source of revenue. You can also charge a little extra for odd-hour delivery services, and this feature can make a food delivery app stand out from its competitors!

Q – How do I get my food delivery app like Talabat?

To create your food delivery app like Talabat, HungerStation or UberEATS, get in touch with experts at aPurple. The experienced sales and development team will help you with your business plan and agile solution.

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