eSchool Management System Gives Wings to COVID-19 Hit Institutions

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eSchool Management System Gives Wings to COVID-19 Hit Institutions

Even though eSchool aka online school or cyber-school is not a new term in the education sector, it has become a buzzword amid COVID-19 situation. The significant rise in demand for eSchool Management System is the proof of it.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic erupted, schools, colleges, businesses, companies and all other public activities were shut to contain the virus. But, online platforms received undivided attention.

More than 1.4 billion children are out of the classroom, and that fueled the e-school traits. Students, with support of digital platforms, are able to continue with their classes remotely. The new trend is getting maximum attention from laymen to profound one at the time of adversity.

COVID-19 Impact on Learners

Whereas, another report by Statista shows the number of school closures as of March 17, 2020. The news could be or could have been alarming for school going kids, but thanks to technology innovation that keeps their school-going dream alive.

Number of Schools Closed due to Coronavirus Outbreak

In fact, remote learning and digital classes are the new normal today.

If you have kids who go to school, they must have been attending online classes using third-party mobile applications like Zoom and Microsoft Team or other apps provided by the school management —that could be the part of eSchool Management Solutions.

Indeed, innovation seems to be a boon for Millennials and Gen Z. And, that is also the outcome of dreams, dedication and dollars we all have been investing in for decades.

So, if you are running an educational institution, it must have met the same fate that all other businesses have gone through during the pandemic.


If you want to revive and streamline processes, then leveraging your institution with an eSchool management system can be one of the significant recovery measures.

And, we in this article, shall provide everything, from information to solution regarding your school management. This article is about everything you need to know about eSchool Management System and Solutions. We shall explain the salient features and the types of eSchool Management Software to help you understand how innovation makes differences.

So, let’s begin with basics;

What is an eSchool Management System?

An e-school management system is a set of software solutions that replaces the factory-model educational facilities into smart schools. With e-school management solutions, the educational institution can give personalized attention to each student individually; digitally monitor the day-to-day activities of a school, streamline processes and more using a single platform.

Educational institutions such as universities and schools, operating online or offline, utilize technology offerings to automate time-consuming manual tasks. Besides, the eSchool solution can assist the management in making quick & thoughtful analysis and working on loopholes to enhance the overall performance of students and staff.

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Benefits of eSchool Management Solutions

Whether you are running an offline or online school, universities or colleges, integrating school management systems can increase productivity and enhance performance. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of school management solutions.

Centralized data management

With school management solutions, you curb data decentralization and create, update and maintain data related to students and staff. More than that, when you integrate school management software into your institution, you can efficiently monitor and manage the administrative process, whether it is to address transportation, students admission, tuition fees, leave management or others.

Track student performance and attendance

The solution will help teachers track students performance and provide personalized care to students with special needs. From students admission, timetable, attendance, homework, reminders for tasks, test results, and more can be tracked efficiently.

Security and child safety

The e-school management system helps parents track their childs’ daily routine and their whereabouts by tracking their GPS location. The solutions enable administration to let parents get a glimpse of their kids’ attendance, assignments, home works status, exam schedules and test results, fees, and more.

Never miss school schedules, notes and homework

Integrating school management solutions can also bring benefits to students by letting access to school assets, from library, class schedules, time table, test schedules, upcoming events and more. They can connect with their classmates to share information, knowledge, photos and more.

These are some of the top benefits you will get with an e-school solution app. You may have various options to integrate eShool Management solutions. For example, you can subscribe to third-party management software or develop your own.

Subscription-based management solutions may come with limited and shared resources that may not fit your requirement. Ultimately, you need to develop your own solutions. When you build your solution, you can get it customized as per your requirements. Let’s explore more about its features and development process.

Features of eSchool Management Solutions

When it comes to features of e-school management systems, the sky’s the limit. That means you can include as many features as are required to manage your institution.

However, there are some standard features which you explore to get better ideas;

Parent/Student App

  • Unique Login Access
  • News/Blogs/Announcements
  • Learning Material
  • Year-Long Academic Calendar
  • Pay Fees
  • Chat/Contact to Administrator
  • Track Transport Log
  • Library Book Search

Admin/School Administrator App/Dashboard

  • Dashboard
  • Admission Management
  • Management Window
  • Calendars
  • Student Profiles Management
  • Teachers/Staff Profiles Management
  • Manage Permission to Various Users
  • Live Notification/Chat
  • Track Account Transactions
  • To-Do Lists, Backup, & Ip Filters

Teacher App

  • Authentication
  • Calendar
  • Online Teaching
  • Teaching Resources
  • Complete Student Information
  • Attendance Management
  • Latest News And Blogs
  • Monitoring Features

These are standard features that you can consider integrating into your eSchool Management System, though there may be plenty of new and advanced features to integrate with. You can connect with the web and mobile app development company for more information.

Ready to Transform Your School’s Operations?

Types of eSchool Management Solutions

As we know that school management solutions are essential elements for both online and offline education, we are here with some of the main types of e-school management system you can consider to have.

School information management system

School information management system (SIMS) aka student information system (SIS), school administration software or student administration system are synonymous with one another. Education establishments operating online and offline need this information management system to store and manage data related students, teachers, staff, and schools. Schools and universities can create student schedules, parents can track the attendance of their kids, and the administration can manage student-related activities.

School visitor management systems

Do you want to screen and track every visitor entering schools? You can develop a school visitor management system as part of eSchool management solutions. The visitor management system for school can help you screen every visitor, including contractors, parents, and others. It can help you enhance the protection of your schools and kids at school.

School data management system

The job of a school administrator is quite hectic as he/she has to keep a pulse on every management activity. From schedule management, faculty management, and attendance management to maintaining health records, maintaining registration and meeting state education compliance are the most complex tasks that a manager has to tackle on a daily basis. Manually, it seems impossible. But, the school data management system can solve these problems in seconds.

School inventory management system

Inventory is no fun. For school, it is imperative to keep track of inventory. School inventory management system builds a robust inventory tracking system that saves time, and management cost. Whether you want to create QR labels, barcode, provide customized access to staff and students or track inventory goods and school but, the inventory management system can do it all for you.

School content management system

The Content Management System (CMS) for schools is the need of the hour. Your website is the face of your institution, and it should look perfect. What content to publish and how it should appear at users’ interfaces can be controlled using the school content management system.

School management systems

Even though the eSchool management solution is all about managing your educational institution, you can get this system developed separately for your schools. For example, you can create a software keeping online education system in mind. You need to talk to the expert and the eSchool management software development company to get the complete overview of such applications.

School administration software

When it comes to school administration software development, you need to keep certain things in mind. For example, keep your users in mind, ultimately you are developing the solutions for them, and they are the prime users. Ensure the app and website provide excellent user experience and is accessible across all devices.

Online School Management System

A recent survey conducted by Statista showed that almost half of students worldwide are still not attending their schools. Therefore, they are exploring ways to complete their studies online. Even if you have on-premise school, providing online learning options to students can bring an effect. Develop an online school management system as part of your eSchool Management Solutions to support your students as well as your institution.

Online School Management System

These are the elements of the eSchool management system. Now that you have got the idea of developing a school management solution, you must be thinking about how much it would cost to create such solutions, wouldn’t you? Then, you should be ready to bang on your bank. It will cost you somewhere around $20,000 to $70,000 + maintenance cost.

So, the question is;

Should You Develop eSchool Management Solutions?

The answer to this question is “it depends on your budget.” No doubt, developing your own eSchool management solution will come with its own benefits, freedom and flexibility, and if you have only two options: subscribe to third-party solutions or develop or own. We suggest you build your own custom app.

Are There Any Cost-Effective Solutions for eSchool Management?

Yes, get our ready-to-deliver eSchool Management Solutions and save big bucks that you are supposed to spend on your eSchool management software project development.

We have worked with hundreds of institutions and educational establishments worldwide, and our expertise lies in the success of our clients.

We can help you develop customized solutions for a specific school, college and varsity needs. Our products will help you eliminate the exceeding costs that you might have to spend when you develop the solutions of your own or outsource it. Importantly, we deliver fully scalable solutions so that you can expand your business whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

eSchool management system is comprehensive solutions for institutions operating online and offline. Even if you are developing the solution and app for online or virtual education, then you get most of it. With an eSchool solution, you can cut plenty of additional costs without affecting productivity.


1. What are the crucial characteristics of school management?

Even though the characteristics of eSchool management solution are best defined based on the users’ needs, the common characteristics are as follows;

  • Student information
  • Admission management
  • Inventory management
  • Visitor management
  • Parent access and information
  • Artificial intelligence integration
  • And, more as suggested by users

2. Is after-sale support and maintenance for the application provided by the development company?

We provide, even though it depends on an individual company’s policy. You need to check before buying or developing the solution.

3. What is the purpose of the school management system?

Many… A school management system is not just about students; it serves a broader perspective, from real-time information about students, on-going classes, teachers activities to class schedule, daily reports, upcoming events and more.

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